lidé co mají rádi dračí lodě

Dragon Boat of Moravian Karst, z.s. is an amateur sports team which is interested in paddling  and dragon boat races for 6 years.

Everything started in 2010 when the team captain Ing. Roman Pernica „assembled“ a mixed team of 20 paddlers, the first ship’s crew, to form a group of people called „Dragons in Action“, which in August 2010 set out to try the first races. and a group of people almost became friends in one weekend, they wondered what was going on. With the increasing number of riders, team members and their initiative, a team with a solid base of team members was set up in 2011 to keep the title „Dragons in Action“, regularly train and participate in at least dozens of races during the season. best results. The „Dragons in Action“ team has been a registered team at the Czech Dragon Boat Association since 2012 and participates mainly in the races of the Moravian National League.

Because the interest of the team members was accompanied by a desire to improve and position themselves in the top positions, it was necessary to train. But without the training, successful race results were impossible. The team captain organized regular training sessions and the entire „dragon“ season started to run. The trainings took place once a week, usually on Friday in the early evening on the Svratka River at Shipyard Shipyard Brno, on a borrowed dragon boat with a helmsman of the Veteran Brno team.

In 2015, after the end of the season, a weekend meeting of members was held, so-called „flood“ in the Jeseníky Mountains on Ramzová with the participation of whole members‘ families including children. At that time, the team had already relatively stable and well paddling members. Enthusiasm decided! Given that commute to trainings in Brno is more time and financially demanding, it was necessary to train somewhere closer to everyone, and somehow „on their own“.

Again, it was the initiative of „rocky“ team members, and especially the experience and knowledge of the captain and his brother, who were engaged in yachting in children’s and junior years and had experience with water and facilities in Jedovnice. They secured and organized the first training of 2016 already on the loaned dragon boat on the pond Olšovci in Jedovnice in the yacht section.

Regular trainings started, this time under the leadership of the captain and other members of his own team, twice a week, Wednesday, Friday.